About Fri Læring

Since 2006, Fri Læring has been a meeting point for networking, knowledge sharing and mutual inspiration for homeschoolers. As a voluntary association - formed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers - we advocate for the interests and rights of home educators in Denmark. 

Our foundation is built on democratic principles and fundamental freedom and human rights, aligning with the UN's disability convention. We are a non-partisan and non-religious association.

Fri Læring's purpose is: 

- To support an actual network for homeschoolers living in Denmark
- To guide future and current homeschoolers
- To inform about homeschooling 
- To act as a contact body for public and private bodies 
- To work for the best possible conditions for homeschoolers in Denmark 
- As far as possible, to create cooperation and networks with other groups and organisations for homeschoolers in Denmark

Member Benefits

Fri Læring is a place to connect with other home educators, both new and experienced. Our Facebook group is an active hub where members can ask questions, get advice and inspiration. It also serves as a valuable archive of past discussions and resources.

All members gain access to a range of resources on our website. While the resources are in Danish, it's possible to ask questions and recieve guidance in English (sometimes also in other languages). For any specific questions about homeschooling, you can reach out to our guidance team at vejledning@frilaering.dk.

We also have a special purchasing club, Indkøbsklubben, where members collectively buy access to digital learning resources.

With close to 500 member families, Fri Læring is Denmark's largest association for homeschoolers.

Membership Options

We offer three types of memberships:

Passive Membership (passivt medlemskab): For parents/guardians considering or planning to homeschool

Active Membership (aktivt medlemskab): For parents/guardians who are registered as homeschoolers.
With Active Membership you also can opt for
Indkøbsklubben (the purchasing club)

Abroad Membership (udland medlemskab): For parents/guardians who are homeschooling abroad.

If you wish to join Fri Læring as a member, you can sign up here.